About Us

Welcome to Cleaning Solutions and Supplies!

When it comes to the products we carry our name says it all. But we’re far more than the products we carry. Since 1998, our clients in the South Carolina Lowcountry have counted on Cleaning Solutions and Supplies as a partner in making their businesses cleaner while reducing overall cost. Along with our supplier partners, we work closely with you and your cleaning team to ensure that your cleaning processes are both as effective and as efficient as they can be, thus eliminating the largest costs in keeping your building clean: wasted product and wasted labor.

Training: The Key to More Effective Cleaning

We ensure that for every job, your team is trained to use the right products, in the right amounts, in the most effective way. The result is a cleaner environment at reduced overall cost. That's why Cleaning Solutions and Supplies has been privileged to increase our client base by 400% in the last five years, and 100% just in the last year.

Now Serving Both North and South Carolina!

Now we’re bringing the renowned Cleaning Solutions and Supplies level of local service to North Carolina. We’re already serving clients from the Blue Ridge, to the Piedmont and Research Triangle, and eastward to the coastal islands. Let our North Carolina team evaluate your operations and work with you to achieve the results that our South Carolina clients have been enjoying for nearly two decades.